What’s New!

I enjoy working with customers who challenge the Medll Innovations team. The people at Heartland Coca-Cola did just that when they requested a more compact EZ-Reach Tool.

The Team at Medll Innovations accepted the challenge and got to work!  After many trials and errors, we finally had a product that stood up to our quality standards. We sent some samples to Heartland Coca-Cola for their field testing, and the new EZ-Reach Tri-Fold passed with flying colors.

Medll Innovations has now shipped over 800 new EZ-Reach Trifold Tools to all of their Distribution Centers for all the merchandisers and sales force teams.

Medll Innovations says a BIG Thank You to Heartland Coca-Cola!  We will continue to strive to help your teams EZ-Reach all their GOALS by helping your staff be safe and efficient!

Russ Willms

President Medll Innovations