Commercial Use

For our commercial customers, this tool offers the ability to
increase the productivity of your employees, keep your shelves looking like you
just opened all day long and enable your customers to reach any product they
desire regardless of their height.  It will also
reduce product expiration because it was too hard to reach and went out of date.
Studies have shown that the time to work through an aisle of a store is reduced
by almost 40% while using the EZ-Reach! Based on this productivity increase, the
tool pays for itself in less than one shift! These savings don’t even account
for the money saved on worker’s compensation claims and product saved due to
proper rotation. Not to mention the increased dollars that consumers will spend
because they will be able to reach those impulse items that your store spends so
much to advertise.

We developed this tool to be used efficiently on virtually all
products regardless of shape or size. Realizing that less than 30% of consumer
goods are sold in square or flat packaging, we knew we had to design the EZ-Reach
to give maximum control of the other 70% of the packages. That is exactly what
we have done! This tool belongs in every store aisle. Whether you sell
groceries, hardware or home improvement goods, if you have shelves, then you
need the EZ Reach! Increased productivity, reduced shrink, increased safety and
increased basket size make this a must have for your